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Why Should You Eat Organic?

The food you eat is imperative to the wellness of your mind and health of your body. Over the years, the way fruits and vegetables are farmed has drastically changed to keep up with the high demands of the growing population. Today, most of the food on the shelves of local supermarkets is laced with chemicals or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The need to get fruits, vegetables and even the farm animals we consume to market faster is to get them to grow faster and stronger. This does not and cannot happen naturally. If you are one of the many who believe that current farming practices are not good for you, then you must change the way you shop and what you eat.

The easiest way to do this is to eliminate GMOs and other unwanted toxins from your diet and eat organic.

No Toxins or GMOs

In the past, farming was done without the use of growth hormones, pesticides, antibiotics or herbicides. Nowadays most of the food produced is riddled with toxins and introduces your body to harmful poisons. Whether the food is a fruit, vegetable, dairy product or meat, it contains toxins and GMOs if it is not organically farmed. When a product is labeled non-GMO, it means that there have been no genetic modifications made to it and the product is 100% clean.

Better Nutrients

We eat food for nutrients which helps keep our body healthy and give us the energy we need to be physically active throughout the day. Foods that are loaded with toxins or GMOs cut down on the number of nutrients the body is receiving. A recent study found that organic crops are richer in nutrients and antioxidants, and lower in cadmium, pesticides, and nutrients which are imperative for the health of your body.

Great for the Earth

Organic food is not only good for your body, but it's even better for the earth — crops that are grown conventionally rather than organically use weed killers, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers that are damaging to the planet. Farmers use these toxins to kill bugs and fertilize the soil, but they have other options when it comes to these methods. Food that is organically grown uses crop rotation and animal manure to relieve the crops of pests and take care of the soil and is much better for the environment.

The next time you are in a supermarket, look at the labels on the items you are purchasing and try to purchase things that are certified organic. This will not only help you pick healthier foods, but it will show you what exactly you are putting into your body every time you eat.

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