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The Mediterranean Diet

Every year there seems to be a new diet trend sweeping the internet and on our TV's. But every single year one diet remains at the top of the list for the intake of foods that are high in omega-3s and healthy fats. The Mediterranean diet helps cut down on the intake of red meat and has great heart-healthy benefits. The diet is easy for individuals to stick to and still allows you to eat a wide variety of foods.

What Exactly is the Mediterranean Diet?

While the Mediterranean diet isn’t a set list of rules and restrictions, but it is a diet that is incredibly easy to adapt to unlike some of the other popular diets on the market. The basis of the Mediterranean diet heavily relies on physical activity and social interaction. But when it comes to eating, the diet focuses on consuming real food that’s sustainable. This completely takes the focus away from just losing weight.

What to Eat

The Mediterranean Diet consists of a healthy helping of foods that are high in fiber and are high in healthy omega-3s. The diet also consists of eating high quantities of vegetables ---- tomatoes, kale, broccoli, spinach, carrots, cucumbers, and onions, fresh fruits ---- apples, bananas, figs, dates, and melons, and large consumption of legumes, beans, nuts, and seeds. The diet should also have a moderate consumption of fish, poultry, and eggs. Wine, red meat and sweets are not off limits, but they should be consumed in smaller amounts.

Heart Health

One of the biggest benefits of the Mediterranean Diet is that it’s good for your heart. It has been known to help decrease the risk of strokes, early death, and heart disease. The diet focuses heavily on the consumption of seafood, nuts, antioxidants from fruits and vegetables and olive oil, which are all known as heart-healthy omega-3s.

Depression and Anxiety

The Mediterranean diet is rich in vegetables and healthy fats and has been found to help individuals with depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. A lot of the foods eaten on the diet help boost the good bacteria in the stomach, which can help with your mood.

Healthy Weight Management

Anyone who is consistently following the Mediterranean diet will naturally be increasing their fiber intake. Foods that are high in fiber are generally more satisfying and make you feel fuller, which helps generate a healthy metabolism and helps with healthy weight loss.

Women’s Health Benefits

Some of the biggest health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet benefit women. Studies have shown that women who stick to the high dietary intake of omega-3s during menopause show reduced levels of bone and muscle mass. It can also help reduce the risk of a stroke.

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